Section 25 of The Limitation Act, 1963 deals with_______?

    A Acquisition of easements by prescription Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    B Special exceptions Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    C Effect of acknowledgment in writing Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    D Continuing breaches and torts Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    E Continuing delay. Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


    Acquisition of easements by prescription. S. 25. Acquisition of easements by prescription.— (1) Where the access and use of light or air to and for any building have been peaceably enjoyed therewith as an easement, and as of right, without interruption, and for twenty years, and where any way or watercourse or the use of any water or any other easement (whether affirmative or negative)has been peaceably and openly enjoyed by any person claiming title thereto as an easement and as of right without interruption and for twenty years, the right to such access and use of light or air, way, watercourse, use of water, or other easement shall be absolute and indefeasible. (2) Each of the said periods of twenty years shall be taken to be a period ending within two years next  before the institution of the suit wherein the claim to which such period relates is contested. (3) Where the property over which a right is claimed under sub-section (1) belongs to the Government that sub-section shall be read as if for the words “twenty years” the words “thirty years” were substituted.

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