Which is the largest known strike in India?

A The Buckingham and Carnatic Mills strike, 1922 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B The Great Bombay Textile Strike, 1982 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Railway Strike in India, 1974 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D The Binny Mills strike of 1926 Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E None of these Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


1974 railway strike in India was the strike by workers of Indian Railways in 1974. The 20 days strike by 17 lakh workers is the largest known strike. As President of the all India Railwaymen’s Federation George Fernandes led the strike. The strike was held to demand a raise in pay scale, which had remained stagnant over many years, in spite of the fact that pay scales of other government owned entities had risen over the years. The Great Bombay textile strike was a textile strike called on 18 January 1982 by the mill workers of Bombay under trade union leader Dutta Samant. The purpose of the strike was to obtain bonus and increase in wages. Nearly 250,000 workers and more than 50 textile mills went on strike in Bombay. The 1921 Buckingham and Carnatic Mills strike was a strike by the workers of Buckingham and Carnatic Mills in the city of Madras (now called Chennai), India, against the managing company, Binny and Co. The strike, which lasted from June to October 1921, caused severe losses to the Madras economy. The Binny Mills strike of 1926 was a general strike in the Bangalore Woollen, Cotton and Silk Mills, popularly known as Binny Mills in Bangalore in 1926.The strike is considered to be a part of the Indian independence movement.

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