Which dynasty was the contemporary to Gupta Empire in the Indus valley defeated by Hunas in the 5th century?

A Indo-Greek Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Indo-Scythian Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Kushan Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Achaemenian Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


The Gupta Empire in India reigned in the Ganges basin during the 5th century, and the Kushan dynasty occupied the area along the Indus. After defeating the Kushanas, the Hunas entered the subcontinent from the Kabul valley. They entered Punjab and the Gupta Empire failed to protect the northeast frontier of the empire and this made it easier for the Huns to enter an unguarded entrance in the Gangetic valley, just into the heart of the Gupta Empire. This was in 458 AD. The Hephthalites, known as the Hunas in India kept on invading India until the Gupta ruler Skandagupta repulsed them. The Hunas, under the leadership of Toramana, suffered a crushing defeat by the Gupta emperor Skandagupta.

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