Who was honored with the Points of Light honor by the British Prime Minister for his service in World War II?

    A Rishi Sunak Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    B Rajindar Singh Dhatt Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    C Havildar Major Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    D The British Indian Army Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
    E Undivided Indian Ex-Servicemen's Association Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


    • Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, honored Rajindar Singh Dhatt, a Sikh soldier who fought in World War II, with a Points of Light honor at 10 Downing Street. • Rajindar Singh Dhatt, 101 years old, was recognized for his service and his efforts in running the "Undivided Indian Ex-Servicemen's Association" to support British Indian war veterans. • Dhatt joined the British Indian Army during the war and rose to the rank of Havildar Major (Sergeant Major). • The honor was presented during a UK-India Week reception at Downing Street, celebrating the bilateral relationship.  About Points of Light Award • Points of Light was formed in 2007 by the merger of the Points of Light Foundation and Hands On Network.  • Encouraged by major donors and affiliates, the two organizations merged with the goal of strengthening volunteerism, streamlining costs and services and deepening impact. • The Points of Light recognition is given to outstanding individuals who make a difference in their communities and inspire others.

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