Which State has become first in India to have its own Internet Service K - Fon?

A Karnataka Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B Kerala Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C Tamil Nadu Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D Maharashtra Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E Telangana Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Kerala is now the first and only state in the country to have its own internet service . The K - Fon network will function as a strong foundation for all government - to - government, government - to - citizens and business - to - citizens interactions . It will create a core network infrastructure ( information highway ) with non - discriminatory access to all service providers so that they can augment their connectivity gap . It will provide a reliable, secure and scalable intranet connecting all government offices, educational institutions, hospitals, etc . WHAT IS K - FON? K - Fon or Kerala Fiber Optic Network Ltd is a state government initiative that aims to eliminate the digital gap . About Kerala Capital : Thiruvananthapuram    CM : Pinarayi Vijayan      Governor : Arif Mohammad Khan

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