Directions (Q60-Q65): Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word given in the options against the correct blank number. For several weeks during late March and April, it ______________ (60) as though the Ukraine war presented a number of geopolitical options for New Delhi to choose from. The high-profile visits to New Delhi, the _____________ (61) of these leaders for Indian support for their positions in the ongoing war, and India’s balancing act all seemed to _____________ (62) the country to the centre stage of global attention. And yet, instead of enhancing New Delhi’s ability to make ___________ (63) choices in its broader region, the Ukraine war may actually ___________ (64) the number of options available to New Delhi for at least three reasons: one, Russia as a key strategic partner is no longer available to India for balancing purposes. Arguably, into the third month of its Ukraine invasion, Moscow is more ____________ (65) on India today than the other way round.

Fill in blank 64 with the most appropriate word.

A proliferate Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B limit Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C ostracised Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D controls Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
E depend Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


We can see that, instead of enhancing, it is doing something else. So, the opposite of enhance should be used. Hence, ‘limit’ is correct.

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