The question below consists of a set of labelled sentences. These sentences, when properly sequenced form a coherent paragraph. Select the most logical order of sentences from among the options.

P: No partner is expected to air the views of a particular group in public. Q: The only requirement is that the coalition partners have to stick to a code of conduct. R: Every coalition party has to own the responsibility for all government policies or actions. S: Experience has now shown that a coalition government can run as smoothly as any single party government.

A QRPS Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
B RQPS Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
C SQRP Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
D PQSR Correct Answer Incorrect Answer


Here, S is the introductory statement. Both Q and R seem to be the second statement. But P follows R and Q has to be mentioned before P. So, After S, P comes, then R and finally P. So, the correct order of the sentences is SQRP.