#GharSeStudyKarona 2.0

Considering the huge participation and demand of many students who could not participate in #GharSeStudyKarona, we are now launching Season 2 of Ghar Se Study Karona as the message is still very relevant

Howz Lockdown treating you???

Many exams have been postponed and this is the best time for you to utilize. Feel like doing something interesting this Lockdown?
“GharSeStudyKarona”. We have come up with an interesting challenge for you. Share with us how are you utilizing this time for preparation. It can be in the form of a selfie/photo/video/quote/saying on which can motivate others to be safe and study from home.

What will you get by doing so?

You will inspire others to utilize their time efficiently. You will also get a 19% discount on our online courses and there are bumper cash prizes also Hurry up, share and inspire others

if you want to submit video, please mail us at Hello@ixambee.com

Break lockdown of Success at home while study
Utilize this crisis as opportunity I support #Ghar se study karona2.0
By Pushkar jadhav Jadhavpushkar957@gmail.com
Living with good life is more important than earning money.. #stayhome #staysafe #prepare for exams in ixambee
Today we are leaving in this world by taking oxygen from plants.. Without plants there is no existence of life in this world..send some time for watering your plants.. Grow more plants and make this world pollution free.. Habitate this in your life.. By growing plants you not only get fruits and vegetables mainly u will get some piece of mind.. And positive vibrations..
For the first time in history, we can save the human race by just sitting in our homes and do the work we intend to do. Let's start working towards our goal this corona season and be successful in helping the human race and fulfilling our dream. Stay Home Stay Safe and Study well.
Think different do it differently this is the attitude to success
I've got some bad news and I've got some good news. Nothing lasts forever
Remember, Clock is Ticking and your competitor is getting Stronger and stronger. ?
Stay safe , stay at home.... In this pandemic , we need to stay strong nd support our front line warriors.. don't let ur creativity shut down due to lockdown ... Excel urself nd utilise this period....
Everything will be okay one day. Nature is at its best now.. Alhumdulillah..
This is the opportunity to shine and I am taking this as a blessing from disguise.
All we have is "Now".You may be in difficulties but don't let the difficulties get in you. Setback, heal yourself and think peacefully of the day when you will be achieving your goal. I bet you, that day will take away all the sorrows what we have been facing today.
" Quarantine is not bad as, Homeworkout can get all your fat."
Ghar se study karona Corona ko bhagao na Stay home stay safe.
Hello friends I am a banker and this for all the bankers who are also working,who dont have the privilege to stay at home. During lockdown an announcement came regarding the monetary relief given by government, bankers worked twice harder and served three times more than the number customers during regular days. So I salute all those people who served the nation during lockdown by working and would appreciate all those who served by staying at home. Stay Home Study at home.
One MOCK TEST A DAY keeps the failure away. #BeYourOwnHero
Every day, I workout, cook food twice, work from home as a senior consultant while living alone and still find time to study. What's your excuse? #GharSeStudyKarona
This poem is dedicated to all the women in this world because without them there is no meaning of life.
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This time will pass,be committed to yourself.
#GharSeStudyKarona Hey guys, how is your study from home is going? I have some ideas for all about how to utilize lockdown time in study, I practice quant n reasoning listening to music on earphones it really helps to enjoy boring hours and also you can avoid surrounding chores at home. 2nd thing is that start your study in the early morning n finish early at night. You can make a daily planner where u can note down how much u studied every day. And if still, u feel stressed out #ixambee n faculty is there for u to keep encouraging and motivating.
Study at home. We already left school long back.
Since studying is our only hope..
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It's always ME vs ME...so stay happy stay cool...pull up your shocks...and beat your self..each and every day..#gharsestudycorona
I made this charcoal drawing show how you clam your during covid 19 situation and more focus on what you want to achieve. Ya it is virus ye ek message hai puri duniya ko abhi bhi waqt hai apni galtiya sudarlo jaiseki clean environment, safety animals,take care of elderly family person,take time to your family,self development coz roj ki life main ye rarely possible tha.so it's a time to students also utilise your time and crack any exam which you more dedication. Image mein ye msg hai ki buddha say mind stable rakho (during pendemic also ) aur galtiya mat karo apne lakshya ko pane ki kosis karo.spexially aur image maine draw kiya hai using charcoal.plz read the msg of image. Thanks ixambee ur doing wonderful job and buddha always bless you coz you are deserve to hardwork. Stay safe stay home ixambee team? #gharsestudykarona.

#GharSeStudyKarona 1.0

In order to make anything a reality, you have to dream about it first. #LockdownOneTimeOppurtunity #RBIGradeB #GharSeStudyKarona
#Quarantine #GharSeStudyKarona I've been preparing myself for a while. Quarantine days giving me so much time to learn more and more. But at the same time I thought of taking up an online course with which i can mange both my family and study. Then I got to know about an excellent study schedule by ixambee. So I picked it up without a second thought and spending most of my quarantine time in studies. So take most of the advantage of the same.
"The Knowledge comes from the Practice and Practice comes from Repetition and Repetition comes from fruitful use of Time" You are the one who decides either to utilize the time in a fruitfully or waste it ,you are solely responsible for your acts which will decide your future. STAY SAFE STAY AT HOME #Corona Se Jung Padhai k Sangh #I support GharSeStudyKarona Thank you Ixambee for this wonderful campaign
LEAVE the REST, DON'T FORGET to give "ixamBee" DAILYTEST!!! #Quarantined #StayHome #GharSeStudyKarona #ProductivityAtItsBest
Hey ixambee, it's really commendable that u initiated this campaign...#gharsestudykarona I am one of your obedient student..and thanks for the Sebi exam materials.. :)
Iss mushkil ghadi me Hmara hausla bnae rakhne ke lie ixambee ...thank you so much. :)
This quote should change prospective of every govt. Job aspirant towards this lockdown. As now Is the Right time for bending urself towards CHANGE and see it as opportunity to explore more of yourselves. Because this is a hard time for all of us but we will beat CoronaVirus by staying at home and study as much as we can with ixambee.com, as this platform gives you enormous study material. #GharSeStudyKARONA #GoalSEBIGradeA #StayhomeStudyhard
STAY HUNGRY! STAY FOOLISH! This is what Steve Jobs told to do for every young person. This is the high time to think about new things. Don't go through struggles but grow from it. Everything will be OK, so don't loss faith. My dear friends clear of your mind of "CAN'T". If you are going through the hell, keep going.
Abh toh corona bhi keh rha hai ki plzz kuch kro na, apne better future ke liye, apni family ke liye, apne liye, apno ke liye kuch kro na, pdho na, kuch acha bno na, apna aur apno ka future bright kro na, abh toh krona bhi keh rha hai ki plzz kuch kro na, sb ghar par hi shanti se pdho na, is bharat varsh ka kuch toh khayal kro na , plzz ghar par hi aram se pdho na, plzz ghar mein hi aram se pdho na???.
Hum mante Hain y waqt Shai nhi hai.kyuki humne maan hi liya hain.hum sochte hain ke ghar per Kya hoga.yee Kyu nhi sochte ghar per Kya Kya ho shkta Hain .aaj toh Ghar wale bhi yee nhi bolte ke itna late Kyu sota Hain .jab itni chut mil rahi Hain .Kyu na him Ghar per rhe or apni dream job ko paane ki saari koshis kre..hum KR shkte Hain.#gharperstudykrona.war again Corona, Ghar per hi rhe Kar ladona.
It's a motivation quote which is given to me by my best teacher late sashank sir.
Chalo Corona virus ko haraye Shanka hone par medical janch jarur karaye (go Corona go) ?? Ghar par rahe surakshit rahe or sab ko door say hi radhe radhe bol. ??? Hai hind jai Bharat ?
??? ???? ?? ?????? ???? (You + home + Studies) (then) (Failure) (ends) #Stay home stay safe #GharSeStudyKarona
Khud pe Bharosa rakho na , Corona se darona, GharSeStudyKARONA ! Jab hausla tute toh, Aur bhi jada mehnat Karo na, Fir bhi kuch samajh na aaye toh, ixambee mentors ko yaad Karo na , Problem solve ho jaae toh Fir unhe dhnyawad Karo na ! #GharSeStudyKARONA Thanks ixambee. RAJ VERMA
During Locked down at home ixambee had helped me alot in preparation, practice and sharpening my knowledge, speed and time management skills. I am happy that such online platforms are providing the aspirants with the online test series which are like learning opportunities. I am focusing more on my weaker sections and am trying to overcome them through practice.
Corona it's not a bad virus because of corona the nature is redeveloped and all kinds of pollution are decreases . This virus is gives you a opportunity to think about you future and learn about the natures power. In lockdown 21days you start your new and great habits - Read books Write in calligraphy Updates your knowledge Update your version Do yoga Workout and much more.... Starts your thinking power now we are supporting you
Its all about finding tha calm in the choas#winbattleoflife#?
# Stay home #stay safe #achieve your dream goal #Life should be great rather than long.
There are so many people are homeless in this pandemic scenario. Some of them are moving long way to reach their love ones without single time of meal. They have to do because they want to live and faith to get what they will. Many students are worried about career after effect on economy crisis but we can also find our best possibilities to just motivating and learning yourself. We are blessed with our support we got at this pandemic by our family. We can:'t repay by any way to them, just to do that care them, learn together, enjoy prime time with family. #staysafeathome #fightagainstcorona #gharsestudykarona
Ghar se Study Karo na , Thoda jyada ab Padho na, Competition Badh gya h Doston, Kuch Alag Sa to Karo na, Jeet Jaynge Hum Ye Jang, bs Ghar se Bahar mat niklo na, Govt Job milegi bs ye socho, time waste na kro na. Apna Dhyan aur Safai b rkho na, Hath dhote rho na. bhut jruri ho tbhi bahar niklo na, Ghar se Study Karona!
Ghar se study karo na,time waste mat karo na agar chahiye apko motivation,toh apne maa baap ko yaad karo na joh sapne ham dekh rhe hai,usko pura karo na lazyness chod do dosto,jamke mehnat kro na agar platform chahiye padne ka,toh ixambee follow karo na aao is baat ko samjho na ghar se study karo na,lets fight against corona
#be_safe #be_with_your_family #utilize_time #ghar_se_study_karona
There is not a best time to study , though corona-virus has given us a good opportunity to prepare better for the exam, through preparation "even this shall pass away".Be Safe Be Motivated. #GharSeStudyKarona
Feels like a test The guy who cleared IAS few years back has to now prove its caliber to the city The doctor who won the gold medal has to now be at "A" game at all his shifts till long The social worker who protested passionately for everything now has to be resourceful enough to help other survive and bring up the unending supplies The police officials who worked thinking they knew the city have to work at risk at every step And there are many more like them We are all sitting in the same examination hall with different subjects to clear May we all pass this test
In the this echo situation I am in my room with my best buddies books .I am giving all the time with them so that I can come out form this silent and deadly situation where everyone is slowly going into mental illness as they do not have any thing do but stay at home . I am with my books. Stay at home and stay healthy.
Covid-19 Lockdown: A time to introspect ourselves Covid-19 has give the world a dangerous virus but to the mankind, the time to hit the pause button and introspect ourselves. Its the time of nit only quarantine, but surely can be used as our time!. So let's make the most of it. Stay indoors, Stay safe.
Rather than thinking of how lock down would end, we as aspirants should divert our full energies towards preparation. That's the only help we would be doing to ourselves at this point of time. After lots of ups & downs for about the past 9 months, i finally feel i could restart my preparation.
Your time is limited don't waste it living someone else life don't be trapped by dogma which is living the result of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others opinion drwoned your inner voice and most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition they somehow already know what you truly want to become everything else is secondary.
CORONA = COVID-19 CO - Corona VI - virus D - Disease 19 - Firstly identified in 2019
Let this lock down be a wake up call fr all aspirants to gear up fr a life where at a time we all feel isolated when our parents pass away and quarantied by relatives .In such a lockdown point of life we can b independent with a secure govt job...so ignite our ambition and wrk fr a gr8 career ahead -pradeepthilakan
Select your pot are you going to rest with two leaves inside or going to break the pot to show your potential. Stay Home #Grow Strong#
"where there are obstacles,A stoic creates opportunities by looking for what they can learn" #GharSeStudyKaroNa
'#Stay home #save lives' Don't go in flight Washing hand is right Stay safe at home Otherwise it will harm Don't Mingle Always be single When carelessness increases Population decreases Isolation is the only way To fight against coronavirus I say? #Ghar mai raho swasth raho
First of all , Stay at home , Stay Safe buddies. Lockdown Time is very precious utilize this time with full productivity ,Study everyday Because competition should also increases Because due to unemployment , work from home, all other background students all are ready with arsenal to come in battle of Competitve Exam. Overcome Anxiety, Exercise Daily, Study Daily with Max. Productivity .Last one Stay Safe , Dont go outside
This pandemic has taken all of us off-guard. It has taken away the normalcy from our lives. There is an atmosphere of panic all around us. But, we should remember that grass is greener on the other side. Let us not get depressed and think of a great future ahead of us. For all these years we have fed ourselves, now is the time to feed our souls. All of us should fully utilize this extra time, to enrich ourselves.
During this Lockdown I have been Selected for Finance Internship via online Interview, attended zoom Yoga Classes, completed Financial Modeling Course on Linkedin and Practicing Forex Trading in Demo Account.
Donot be panic in this horrified situation .stay at home and be safe #bring positivity from this situation # Do what you could not do due to your hactic schedule . Because it is said after a bad time good time definitely comes in your life . #Keep learning #keep growing #be at home
I am a financial warrior...I mean I am a banker... Everyday I go to my branch risking my life and my family but I have to go I can't walk back this is my duty but still when I come home I just want to achieve my dream that is of RBI GRADE B and I put my all efforts in whatever time I have to achieve this and we all are so lucky that we are getting some extra time because of this lockdown as we have to stay in home and I think we should all utilize it to whatever dream you have ...In this time if we will not able to utilize our time properly and put our best efforts I am damn sure we will regret that we were having a Lot of time but we have just wasted...So all in all gharsestudykarona because I don't want to regret in future... Because if I can everybody can
During these challenging times it is hard to find the good in all the bad. To stay positive, I remind myself almost daily about what I'm grateful for. For me, that's having more time to spend with family, enhance my knowledge, polish my networking skills, and of course, eat all the time :P To spread positivity, I share some good news around the world.
The covid-19 pandemic has forced us into necessary isolation. many of us are spending anxious hours sitting inside our homes and suffering social media for further updates. Living through a lockdown is a new experiance for every one.But it was not at the first time 350 years ago greatest scientists sir isac newton-then a 22 years old student of trinity college cambridge-was similarly sent home by his college because of the great plague of london in 1665.It was during this year that newton developed some of his most prefound discoveries,including early calculus as well his theories of optics and gravity. Youngsters facing relationship issues and losing patience with feeling like a stifling loss of independance.Those whose work has come to a halt it can feel like a loss of purpose. WHY ARE HUMAN BEINGS AT RISK: Our continued erosion of wild spicies has brought us uncomfortbly close to animals and plant's that harbour diseases that jump to human's. The UNEP is also clear that the drivers of zonotic deasese emergence are changes in the environment usually as a result of human activities in the ranging from land use change;changes in the animals or human host's and changes in the pathogens;which are programmed to survive and in the process of exploit multiple host's. TIME TO TAKE A NOTES: Human immune systems are equally unprepared for drug-resistant diseases that jump from plant's to human's. As we work to control and treat the current pandemic we must simultaneously be thinking one step ahead how we can aviod other pandemics in future,without disturbing our life's. WHAT NEXT: This pandemic will eventually pass and life will move on- The return to normality can be an over whelming experiance,and we need to peace our self anushma emphasises an graduality being key. If you haven't immediately all you set out to "Be gentle- don't punish or criticise your self". For the many people the home ecosystem has slowly become the new normal. So returning to work at an office could require a major adjustment. Their thoughts and worries may still be tied to the on at home. All system have strengths and weaknesses maximising strengths and minimizing weakness in order not tobmiss the opportunity to move farward should be the goal. #stay home #stay safe #save lives.
Always try to appreciate ur self and think about the positive side of the situations......
STAY HOME ,STAY SAFE do your best things /creativity in home . make it count for yourself. stay positive ..thank you
For the first time in history, we can save the human race by just sitting in our homes and do the work we intend to do. Let's start working towards our goal this corona season and be successful in helping the human race and fulfilling our dream. Stay Home Stay Safe and Study well.
#stayhome #staysafe #gharsestudykarona
Plz anywhere keep distance.. Stay home stay safe
in this era, we must learn things first rather than advising others
#my_quotes_my_thoughts #waiting4normalcy
lets convert this hard time in to best oppurtunity. stay home stay safe study hard IS ANDHERE KE BAD UJALA AAEGA, MAKE YOURSELF READY TO STAND AND FIGHT #GharSeStudyKarona
Amidst all the uncertainty, this is the best moment to stay at home with your family and work twice as hard to reach your goals.
It's the time for study at home. It's natures selection- It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change, that is, “Only the fittest will survive". So be safe at home and productive
This is the time I got to focus on my dream and work towards it without any distractions, I got ample time to improve my knowledge and skills and stay strong.
Let's take an advantage of this lockdown to break all the lockdowns of our career with ixambee

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