Each Jab Matters, Get Jabbed!

Many exams have been postponed, however that should not postpone your preparation, this is the best time for you to utilize. Apart from the preparation, there are a few other things which should not be postponed. Are you ready to do something useful this Lockdown?

Let's Do Our Bit!!! Get vaccinated against COVID-19 at the first opportunity you get. Wondering why we (ixamBee) are asking you to get vaccinated?? Because you are part of our ixamBee family and we care for you and want you to be safe. This is the best contribution we can do to help curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Just like the popular proverb ‘each drop counts’, each jab will make a difference!! Get Jabbed, As Each Jab Matters!

What will you get by doing so? 

By getting vaccinated you are acting wise and also playing a pivotal role in helping get rid of the Novel CoronaVirus.  
Not only this, we care for you and don't want your preparation to be hampered.  Therefore, as a token of our appreciation for doing your bit, we are offering discounts on ixamBee Online Courses (curated by the experts themselves).

Getting jabbed does not end your responsibility. You need to encourage your near and dear ones to get jabbed as soon as possible to make this world a better and covid free to live in. Continue to take all required precautions, wear a Double Mask, maintain distancing and stay at home and continue your exam preparation.

Vaccinate to keep your family safe
Thank you ixambee for such a good discount