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Many exams have been postponed, however that should not postpone your preparation, this is the best time for you to utilize. Apart from the preparation, there are a few other things which should not be postponed. Are you ready to do something useful this Lockdown?

Let's Do Our Bit!!! Get vaccinated against COVID-19 at the first opportunity you get. Wondering why we (ixamBee) are asking you to get vaccinated?? Because you are part of our ixamBee family and we care for you and want you to be safe. This is the best contribution we can do to help curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Just like the popular proverb ‘each drop counts’, each jab will make a difference!! Get Jabbed, As Each Jab Matters!

What will you get by doing so? 

By getting vaccinated you are acting wise and also playing a pivotal role in helping get rid of the Novel CoronaVirus.  
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Getting jabbed does not end your responsibility. You need to encourage your near and dear ones to get jabbed as soon as possible to make this world a better and covid free to live in. Continue to take all required precautions, wear a Double Mask, maintain distancing and stay at home and continue your exam preparation.

My name is karrola Ranga Swami. I am CA drop out student.my hobbies to read daily news paper.I I am very fascinating to write the stories and simultaneously .my dream is to become a Reserve bank of India manager. present I am preparing for banks.
Hi Myself Sreenivasulu. I am passionate about Capital markets. Whenever I read about Capital markets concepts I get more energy and confidence.
My hobby is to listen the song of the singer such 1. Rahat fateh Ali khan 2. Shankar Mahadevan 3. Lucky Ali 4. Mohit Chauhan 5. Sunidhi
I write. I have started writing to calm myself and stop overthinking so that I can be productive and less anxious. But as I have grown up on the way it has been a healthy hobby and an addiction.
Whenever I want to learn or want to prepare for any exams my best way to study is to teach that concept or that topic to a layman. In this way we both get benefitted and I learnt it 50 percent Faster.
I like to do farming.l think farming is not just science of growing crops but it is the art of living with nature.Greenary on farm give me the feeling of happiness and satisfaction.l enjoy to involve in the process of growing gold from soil.
Spending time with nature refresh mind and improve attention so I spend more time in Gardening.
Writing poems and stories always motivates me.Doing photography on leisure time is my hobby .Drawing rangoli and nature painting always keeps my high. By Shraddha Kulkarni
Painting is like self-discovery. And Books are treasures capturing the inspirational lines from good ones and reading them when I feel low gives a boost to bring out the best of me.
Painting is like self-discovery And Books are treasures capturing the inspirational lines from good ones and reading them when I feel low gives a boost to bring out the best of me.
My hobby is to click the pictures of the Nature .I uploaded the picture of sunrise .
Bitter words of society inspires me to learn more study more do more efforts to get my dream job even after seeing many failures i will never stop until the success acheived.
This is Karan chouhan my graduation from bundhelkhand University
Sacrifice your confusion distractions and live life with a purpose Life with purpose always have a direction Defined it Be strong you will find out your way
The best way to explore yourself nd life is through travelling. I generally trek and travel to those areas which are still safe from the act of overtourism. Village nd mountains are the only things I long for.
Hello I am Jyothi. Regular practice of yoga and exercise with music early in the morning keeps me calm and gives me a good start. But the growth of a seed to plant and plant to the tree makes my preparation 50 per cent faster.
In my free time I play Cricket. I also like to listen to music
I always motivate to learn and read by seeing my parents who work in the field for my study expenditures and one day I will make proud of them..
I have deep interest in defence and International relations. When I have free time like after returning to home from office I used to read write or watch defence related content and I try to correlate it with economy.
I like to travel and capture moments. It is the ultimate stress-buster and motivator for me. It pushes me to keep trying irrespective of the failures.
my hobby is cleaning drawing and cooking while cooking and cleaning my room and my surroundings are my everyday work drawing i do whenever i get depressed or feel low
Give yourself enough time to study Organize your study space Use flow charts and diagrams Practice on old exams Explain your answers to others Organize study groups with friends
Hi l am Anil l like to explore new nature sites with my close friends which makes me energetic and motivated to accuire knowledge skills and to study hard
My hobby is recall my childhood memories as it is the best possible way to make u happy and always keeps u remained from where you are.
I often paint to make myself feel fresh...
I love gardening because I love being with plants. Being with them makes my mind very happy and calm.
Hello, My name is Bharat shingrakhiya I am preparing for banking exam and I follow you on YouTube regularly. During my free time I used to do meditation with my friends for inner peace and mind sharpness.
Writing motivates me to achieve my goals 50% faster. So , I made a new year resolution to give more time towards writing and reading , songs and poems.
Brainstorming on rational ideas and questioning the prevalent norms based on rational arguments.
Rediscovered my passion for drawing mandalas during the lockdown. It keeps me calm and centered on stressful days.
Brainstorming on rational ideas and questioning the prevalent norms based on rational arguments.
Non fiction books has kept me strong against all odds days. There were days, when I felt I am doing well, but there were also days when results shattered my dreams, and then I have relied on books to help me sail through. You are a rover in your journey.
Sketching always helping me to motivate in my daily busy life,help me to kept away from negative thought, anxiety,stress.Due 2 all this +ve side of my skills I am defenitely sure it is always increases my preparation 50% faster & productive
Calligraphy help me to keep patience and to upgrade me for new creativity and challenges.
You might be having the worst day and nothing feels alright, cooking a great meal for yourself just makes you realize your importance and gratifies your sorrows away.
Take advantage of every opportunity you get because some things only happen once in a lifetime.
just by self motivation and have believe on my potential and have faith on my god that there is a helping hand behind my back pushes my prepration 50%faster
I usually spend my leisure time reading books or playing badminton. I like reading new and trending novels and my favourite genres include suspense, horror and thriller novels.
Working out in the gym especially deadlifts make me 50% faster and happier. It gives a break from the mundane life and the dopamine generated keeps me powered throughout the day.
My Life is a bundle of many things From travelling, dancing, meditation to reading Dancing gives me endurance, travelling helps me in being adventurous Meditation makes me calm and reading opens a world of new imagination
"The dance is strong magic. The body can fly without wings. It can sing without voice." - Pearl Primus Dance increases my self-esteem and improve psychological wellbeing. By: Shikha Hatwal
Photo caption - I ?? in you. Photography is a fodder for my existence. Whenever I am overburden i find my free space in photography. It works like a therapy which elevate all my stress and worries.
Travelling to new places makes me 50% more active.
Painting motivates me to work 50% faster. I find my solace in it.
Gardening ? I love to spend my time in my garden. As a hobby I grow plants and I will make a saplings from plants I have and i will distribute them to my friends . That's brings me immense pleasure.
I have a flair for writing. 'The Power of Your Subconscious Mind' by Dr. Joseph Murphy taught me to believe in myself and keep pursuing my passion.
I practice Yoga and exercise regularly with music which motivates me early morning to start fresh. Also play Table tennis and Badminton to be active. That helps me in my preparation.
Before quitting, remember why you started .
Every canvas is a journey all its own. I believe being creative isn't a hobby but it's a way of life.
Happiness is a choice. You are like a grain, and your family is like husk. No matter how worthless they may seem to you right now, you need to be with them if you want to grow.
"A positive attitude will leads to positive outcome". It motivates me 2 times more towards my studies. That you can do anything what ever you want. You Just take the positive approach everywhere and you will find more ways to do that thing/activities or events instead of taking mediocre or negative approach. That makes me a ginormous.
I love to travel. But travelling becomes difficult when work and studies come into the picture. I am striving hard to make myself fifty percent moreee efficient so i could manage all three effortlessly.
I am a good learner and read many novels and books like Hellen keller, The Power of your subconscious mind, The Secret, One day life will be change and many more. I am good teacher too and like to teach whatever I read and gain knowledge to others ..
I would like to share one of my original poems - "A letter from life to lives" Dear life I wonder, What is it that you seek, You’ve satisfied your hunger, Still you have reasons to weep. Dear life I admire, You are so ironical, You give advices like a sire, While you keep writing your sad chronicle. Dear life you’re crazy, In attempt to gain someone, You take decisions hazy, And further lose friends tonnes. C’mon dear life, You gotta move on, If you stick to your strife, How will you see dawn? Well isn’t the issue same, With all ya guys? You demand fake fame, Thus believing in many lies. Move on dear readers, Life is much more, Than that what hinders You from reaching the shore. My poetry webpage - grvkwrites.wordpress.com
I read books to open up my mind and keep on learning.
Vaccinate to keep your family safe
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