AFCAT Exam Salary

Being a part of the Indian Air Force is a matter of great pride because through this you have the chance to serve your nation directly. With pride, comes responsibility. A few of the reasons candidates aspire to serve the Indian Air Force is due to Honor, Personal Courage, and Selfless service as also mentioned on their official website. It not only provides a handsome salary to their commissioned officers along with various other allowances.

During the last one year of your training period (Even before you are Commissioned as an Air Force Officer) at any of the Air Force Training Institutions, you will get a training stipend of Rs. 56,100/-

There are basically three posts that come under AFCAT recruitment:

  • Flying Officer.
  • Ground Duty (Tech.)
  • Ground Duty (Non-Tech).

The following Pay/Allowances would be applicable on grant of Commission to Flying Officers:-

Upon selection as the flying officer in Indian Air Force, you will be placed in Level 10 in the Pay Matrix of 8th CPC - 56,100-1,10,700) and will also get the Military Service Pay of Rs 15,500 Per Month.


A flying officer has various allowances provided by the IAF such as Dearness Allowance, Military service pay, Travel allowance, Grade Pay, Kit maintenance, etc.

Based on the nature of duty and place of posting, officers are eligible for the other allowances as well such as allowance based on the type of duty such as Flying, Technical and Field Area, allowance based on place of posting like Flying, technical field area, and special compensatory (Hilly Area).

After the successful completion of the AFCAT assessment, the AFCAT salary of commissioned officers based on their post area is as follows.

Flying branch salary 85,000 approx
Ground Duty( Tech) salary 74,000 approx
Ground Duty( Non-Tech) 71,000 approx

Benefits and Allowances

After becoming a part of the Indian Air Force as a Flying officer or Ground Duty (Technical and Non-Technical) officer, you will enjoy many benefits and allowances. You will continue to avail of some of the following benefits even after you retire from the services.

Insurance - Under the Air Force Group Insurance Scheme (AFGIS), you will provide with life insurance cover. After becoming an Air Force Officer, you will be insured for an amount of Rs 75 lakhs with an additional insurance cover of Rs 10 lakhs (for pilots).

Loans: As an Air Force officer and as a member of the Air Force Group Insurance Scheme, you can avail of the following loans:

  • House Building Loan
  • Computer Loan
  • Conveyance Loan


As an Indian Air force officer, you will have free access to the best medical facilities possible for yourself, your family and your dependents. Apart from that, you can also get yourself treated from Civil Hospitals for specialized cases.

Other Benefits:

Accommodation is given to an Air Force officer

  • Leave- Annual leave for 60 days and casual leave of 20 days per year
  • Leave travel concessions
  • Institute and Messes membership
  • School facilities
  • Rail concessions
  • Secured camp life
  • CSD facilities
  • Recreational and sports facilities

Educational Benefits:

Joining the Air Force, you not half your educational journey. Indian Air Force sponsors all the cadets to go for higher qualification. The IAF sponsors M. Tech. courses for officers of the Technical Branch, in institutes like IIT and BHU-IT. It also has tie-ups with universities like IGNOU to facilitate long-distance learning for officers and airmen.

In case you want time to study, you are also allowed to take the study leave of up to 24 months (extendible up to 28 months).

Post-Retirement Benefits


After retirement from the service, you will be entitled to a subsequent amount as a pension which takes care of your needs with your family.


Even after retirement, insurance cover is provided to all who have rendered pensionable years of service on payment of minimal premium. The cover given by the Society is upto 72 years of age.

Air Force Association:

To assist ex-Air Force personnel who wants to find a suitable job post-retirement, the Placement Cell of Air Force Association offers employment assistance to fulfil their needs. This Cell acts as a facilitator between the employer and the employee. You can register yourself for employment through the website

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An Air Force Officer in the Flying branch will receive a total salary of approximately Rs 85,000.
An Air Force Officer in Ground Duty (Technical) post will receive a total salary of approximately Rs 74,000.
Yes, you will be eligible to receive many loan benefits, medical benefits, insurance benefits & post-retirement benefits. You can check the complete list of Air Force benefits and allowances here.
Yes. Being an Air Force Officer you will be eligible to receive certain educational benefits too while being in the Indian Air Force.
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