Roles and Responsibilities of a Bank Clerk in Public Sector Banks


Roles and Responsibilities of a Bank Clerk in Public Sector Banks

The job of a bank clerk is a typical office job. Some of the important tasks, the share of one or the other depends on the posting, are:

1. Data Entry  – Lot of customer data is to be entered into the computer system. Data includes name, address and other KYC details, business data for loan proposals, deposit, withdrawals, and regular updation of the data as per customer requests or business performance.

2. Record Maintenance  – Bank have to keep lot of information about its customers. Especially in case of loans, the information keeps on increasing. The record need to have latest financials such as balance sheet, income statement, account and stock statements, site visit reports, audit reports. All this records has to be properly maintained by keeping files in proper sequence.

3. Cash Handling  – In bank branches there are large number of cash transactions. The cash is to be balanced with the book everyday. Cash receipt and cash payments are time taking and risk jobs. The cashier has to count the cash and also need to short our any forge notes.

4. Customer Service  -Handling customer requests and queries takes large amount of time for a bank employee. You have to answer their queries and help them in various transactions say fund transfer, deposit, withdrawal, etc.

5. Transactions tallying and reporting  – There are large number of transaction ever day. You have to execute the transactions (deposit, payments, transfers from clearing, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS) and at the end of the day tally the books.

6. Balancing books and preparing MIS – Now a days book keeping has become easy due to computerization of the work, still sometime there are mistakes in data entry etc, so books are to be tallied at the end of the day. Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly MIS are to be prepared for submission to the Regional Office and Head Office.

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