IBPS SO AFO Interview Hacks


The purpose of one-to-one interaction for a job is to experience first-hand how the interviewee presents himself. The marks ratio between IBPS SO mains exam and interview if 80:20. However, the interview carries a total of 100 marks of which you need to score a minimum of 40 marks if belonging to unreserved category. If you are from reserved category then the minimum passing marks are 35. You will be judged not only on your professional knowledge of the subject but also on your personality. Personality is given about 55-60% weightage in this exam. The major personal characteristics that an interviewer looks for in a potential candidate are:

  • Attitude, Behaviour and Nature
  • Communication
  • Sincerity
  • Career goals
  • Expression of self
  • Rationale
  • Managing different situations

Apart from the above mentioned personal traits you should ace the following too.

  • Bank and its background
  • Banking and agriculture industry and their trend
  • Current Affairs and the government announcements
  • Job role and the difference you could make
  • Knowledge about agriculture sector especially on topics like productive farming, fisheries, soil types, cattle, agricultural schemes
  • If you are an experienced professional appearing for an IBPS SO AFO interview then be ready to answer what makes banking job appealing. Be cautious about not to speak anything negative about your present/previous job.

It is important to know what you will be doing on the field. Take a cue from Kailash Tiwari’s experience (ex-AFO at UBI) to understand what it is like to be an IBPS PO/SO. You should be very comfortable and easy-going if you are located to rural area or are supposed to interact with farmers. As an AFO, you will be the bridge between the bank and the farmers. Therefore, it is very necessary that if you want to be successful as an AFO then build trust within the farmer community so that they listen to you. The job profile of an agriculture field officer is as follows:

  • Networking with farmers and potential customers in related fields
  • Generating leads to promote, disburse and expand loan product
  • Inspecting before disbursing the loan and following up for loan recovery
  • Coordinating with panchayats
  • Consulting farmers on farm products, agricultural loans, government schemes and latest farming technologies

IBPS SO AFO Interview 2020-21 Hacks

  1. Work on your facial/hand gestures and communication skills
  2. Be ready to answer questions related to yourself, academics and agriculture field
  3. Be ready to take on tough questions and strong feedback from the panel. They do this intentionally to check on your temperament.
  4. Always keep a smiling face and be optimistic
  5. Never lie in an interview; it speaks volumes about your personality and the interviewer will easily catch your lies
  6. If you don’t know an answer, politely say so

Therefore, it is always better to be prepared for an interview. The answers should be crisp and to the point without losing your confidence or eye contact. There are mock interview sessions available to help you guide in the interviews.

All the best for your IBPS SO 2020-21 AFO interview!!

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