How to Prepare English for RBI Grade B Phase 1?


Preparing for RBI Grade B English Phase 1 exam demands a great deal of consistency and determination. If that is coupled with the right strategy, then you can crack any exam in the first attempt itself. RBI Grade B Exam is one of the toughest banking exams in India owing to its limited vacancies and extensive syllabus.

Essentially hard work leads to smart work. It goes with the profound saying “Practice makes a man perfect”. Smartness is gradually acquired with persistent efforts and precise application of knowledge. But there is no substitute of hard work and hard work pays you back.

 As far as RBI Grade B 2021 is concerned lot of hard work is required and a well drafted preparation strategy is required too. Coming to the English section of phase 1 of RBI Grade B 2021, there are few important topics which needs a thorough preparation and revision as far as exam is concerned. Mentioned below are the important topics.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Rearrangement
  • Cloze Test
  • Spotting Errors & Sentence Correction
  • Prase Replacement

How to be “SMART” in your preparation?

For RBI Grade B 2021 you need to be SMART. Smart in your approach as well as work. SMART acronyms to Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time based. The strategy of being Smart is your key to crack the phase 1 of RBI Grade B 2021.

S– Specific

M– Measurable

A– Attainable

R– Relevant

T– Time Based

  • Being specific aligns to creating a routine and set a goal. Set a goal to attempt as many mock tests as you can. Set a goal to do 3-4 RC, parajumbles etc.
  • Measurable means the goal set should be measurable. You must go through as many mock tests as you can and then analyzing it. Analyze the areas you need to study. Hard work if aimless doesn’t work.
  • If the goal is specific and measurable it becomes attainable. For example, learning 50 new works in a week. If you set a target and measure how to do it then it becomes attainable.
  • The next step in Smart strategy is Relevancy. How relevant concepts are you learning and how it is beneficial in your final selection. Internet is a junk of material; you need a chaff to figure out the relevant concepts for you. Learning to prioritize will give a structure to your organization.
  • The final step is time-based. All these steps taken should be time based. The mock tests given, their analysis, studying relevant concept and working in the direction of your goal must be time-based. Supposedly, you are writing essay everyday for your English paper. Will it help? Yes. But will it help in clearing Phase 1? No. Study the relevant concept in the time given.

What is the SMART Strategy?

Reading Comprehension

Aspirants generally think that RC is a difficult nut to crack, however it is not the case always. One fact about this that can’t be denied is that these are little time consuming, but still practicing can help you overcome this difficulty level.

  • Reading and understanding of the passage is extremely important in the first go.
  • Try and take down notes wherever you find it important.
  • Read the questions first and then read the passage as it increases the chances to locate the answer well.
  • The first and the last paragraph often tells you the gist of the passage, so try and read it through first and take points out of it.
  • Regular reading newspapers may help you in gain knowledge as how to read and point out important points.

Sentence Rearrangement

These can be tricky at times, but getting the sequence right may help you won half of the battle.

  • Get the underlying idea of the sentence by reading the same at once.
  • Each of the options are to be then checked as how they fit in together
  • Try and look for any chronological order such as time and dates etc.
  • Once you catch the gist of the sentences right, you can fill up the rest of the sentences well.
  • Practicing of these particular types of questions is important, else you will find it tricky and difficult.

Cloze Test

This topic in English section is one in which each word option is to be checked and see how to fit it in the whole sentence. For these particular types of questions, elimination method may work. Even if a candidate manages to attempt 80% of the questions then they are good to go. The basic tip to solve cloze test is to not look at the options and read the sentence and then try and choose the options.

Spotting Errors & Sentence Correction

In this one after reading the sentences once or twice, most probably you will be able to find the answer. It is an important topic asked in RBI Grade B Phase I exam. There will be times when a candidate may feel that the sentence is correct and has no errors, thus, solving these types of questions is to be done extremely cautiously. It is often seen that out of 5 questions, few might have obvious mistakes. So, try and attempt those questions first so that you can score right there.

Phrase Replacement

  • Read the complete sentence in the first go and get the basic idea.
  • One by one the answers are to be eliminated depending upon their suitability.
  • In order to attempt such questions accurately, your grammar should be up-to-date, else the accuracy of the answer will be hampered.

Important points to keep in mind

  1. Know yourself by knowing the tests. Acquaint yourself with the test. These all can be learnt by giving mock tests and then analyzing. Some aspirants are strong in cloze test while others are weak in it. This can only be analyzed by attempting mocks.
  2. All mock tests are free at ixamBee. Go and check them now.
  3. Never skip on learning vocabulary. Learn 5 new words daily and use them in your conversation. Write their meaning and revise them. When you will learn the usage then you will remember them.
  4. Brush-up your grammar. Check up on spellings to know what is wrong. Check on the prepositions to mark the wrong one. You will only know it is wrong if you know what is right. Preparing for grammar is preparing you for both the phases.
  5. If you are mugging things and not revising then it will not help. If you learnt 5 words a week ago and haven’t gone through them in next two weeks then there are 100% chances you must have forgotten the. Consistency in learning and revision must be maintained in order to progress further. Otherwise instead of inclination you will head to declination.

With all these points don’t forget that “Work Smarter, not and Work harder“. There is no substitute for hard work. Practice, revise and practice.

All the Best for RBI Grade B 2021!

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