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Bee Balance

Bee Balance

You attempt an easy practice test and find it too easy!! ☺

So then you pick the harder practice test but you are not able to solve it!! ☹

Disheartened…are you?? ☹ ☹

Is this what is happening to you?

Don’t worry, ixambee has a prefect program to help you. The ‘Bee Balance’!! ☺

Your performance improves best when you practice questions that are challenging for you but are not too difficult to solve. Practicing on questions that are easy for you will not help in improving your performance. On the other hand, very difficult questions will dishearten you and you will lose interest because you are not able to solve them. Bee balance takes care of both these scenarios.

Bee Balance: The program

Bee Balance is a uniquely designed programme that adjusts the difficulty level of the practice questions according to your performance. The intelligent software of Bee Balance picks the right questions for you and optimises your learning experience.

How it works

To assess your level of preparation, Bee Balance at first presents you question of moderate difficulty level. Subsequent questions will be presented to you based on how you perform in these initial questions.

If you are able to solve the questions correctly, Bee Balance will select next questions of higher difficult level for you. Likewise, if you are not able to perform well in initial questions, Bee Balance presents you comparatively simpler questions.

As the level of your preparation goes up, the questions presented to you will keep on changing in the difficulty level.

This means that the practice test will always be custom made for you according to your preparation level and will provide adequate stimulation to your brain to help you move to the next level. This helps in continuous improvement in your performance level.

How can we help you achieve this?

ixamBee offers you technology enabled personalized learning experiences that accelerate your learning and ability to score high. Our interactive videos enhance your learning and our uniquely designed practice questions continue to pose challenge for you. Our experts train you in mastering winning techniques to clear the exam.