Query Detail : SEBI Grade A Officer Phase I Paper 1

Please provide an explanation for: Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow- A to H, eight members of a family sit around a circular table facing the centre. The following information is known about them: There are three married couples in the family. E is third to the right of B, and exactly two persons sit between G and E. C is to the right of his grandson. F is the son-in-law of D and his daughter is A who sits to the immediate left of her aunt E, who is opposite D. G and E are sisters-in-laws. H is unmarried, while F has no siblings. Each couple has at least one child.
prakash,   September 5th 2020,  
SEBI Grade A Officer Phase I Paper 1




Please find the solution and explanation in this image. Look for the keywords while drawaing the family tree.