Query Detail : NABARD Grade A Mains

My query is with regards to national education policy. The policy envisages no rigid separation between science, arts, humanities etc and expects the students to take up courses based on their liking. Supposing the same to have been achieved, I raise a question as to how these multi-disciplinary students can become doctors/engineers, which are specialised professions?
Madhavi Harshala,   August 24th 2020,  
NABARD Grade A Mains

These extra subjects will be their optional subjects but in case of doctors, enginerrs main part will be theri core part which will not include theortical part but also practical part.

Like in engg, there will be more industrial visits, more training, internships where you will actually get to know , what is work of an engineer. and hence it will help them to be Real engineer which is now very less in current education.

and also these optional subjects will be there but this will not affect your  majo professional courses.