Query Detail : RBI Grade B Phase I

How to improve logical reasoning
urvashi,   February 10th 2020,  
RBI Grade B Phase I

Hi Urvashi, 

In RBi Grade B , out of 60 , 6-7 Questions can be asked from Logical or Analytical Reasoning.

As you can make out from the title, such type of questions test your instant reasoning skills, testing your ability to apply a logic. These can be asked in different ways, e.g.-

STATEMENT AND ASSUMPTIONS – You will be given statements and you will have to decide which of the assumptions follow, according to the information given.

CAUSE AND EFFECT – You are given a particular information, where accordingly you need to choose the answer options, that which of the given statements is/ are a cause / effect of the other statement given.

COURSE OF ACTION – You need to decide which of the given course of action is suitable according to the problem in question.

STRONG / WEAK ARGUMENTS – You need to infer which of the given arguments either strengthens / weakens the given statement.

  1. You can find few videos at our youtube channel for same :-

  2. https://youtu.be/O_urtnYC5bY