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Hello Team, What does (c) option i.e " either 1 or 2 is strong" or " if either 1 or 2 is implicit" in the Statement & Assumption and Statement & Argument means or implies? How is it different from " both 1 & 2 are strong" or "both 1 or 2 are implicit" option (e) in questions?
Saurabh Verma,   October 2nd 2020,  
National Housing Bank (NHB) Assistant Manager

Option Either (I) or (II) is strong for Statement-Argument
Example 1:
Statement: Should tall smokestacks be installed in industries?   


I) Yes, 
Tall smokestacks reduces pollution at ground level since they allow for partial or complete self-neutralization of airborne chemicals before they reach ground level.

No, Tall smokestack increases pollution in upper atmosphere as wind currents are faster at higher altitudes, causing pollution to travel hundreds of miles to other areas or states

Explanation : Whenever we talk about Advantage and Disadvantage of something and if we see that both statements are strong,we chose option Either (I) is strong or (II) is strong.In the above Example ,Statement(I) tells advantage of Tall Smokestacks whereas Statement(II) tell disadvantage of Tall smokestacks and both are strong.

Option:  Both (I) and (II) are strong for Statement-Argument
Example 1:
Statement: Should coal engines be replaced by electric engines in trains?   


Yes, Coal Engines cause a lot of pollution as when coal is burned it releases a number of airborne toxins and pollutants.

 No, India does not produce enough electricity to fulfil even the domestic needs. First India should focus on increasing its electricity production to meet its domestic requirements.

While Statement(I) tells us about disadvantage of Coal Engines , Statement (II) tells us the general fact or condition in India, It does not speak about advantage or disadvantage of Coal Engine. It does not deny that we should not use Electric Engine but first we should focus on increasing electricity production only then switch to electric engines.In such cases we use Both (I) & (II) Strong