Query Detail : National Housing Bank (NHB) Assistant Manager

Hello Team, I had this question: Sonalika interchanges her position with the one who is 5 places away from Sonalika. Now Chinki is 11th to the right of Sonalika and 2nd from the right end. What is the position of Sonalika from the right end of the row? So my doubt is here what is the use of 1st sentence since we can't predict the interchanging position whether it would be with the person on the left or right but still if we ignore the 1st sentence and directly solve it the answer would be 13. So should we ignore the first sentence whenever such questions are asked?
Saurabh Verma,   September 18th 2020,  
National Housing Bank (NHB) Assistant Manager

In this question 1st sentence was not needed. But sometimes they ask the initial position of the person. So, it depends on the qs what they are asking.