Query Detail : National Housing Bank (NHB) Assistant Manager

Hello Team, Could anyone help me solving the below question:- 1) Three persons Kavish, Vinay and Somesh are standing in a queue. There are eight persons between Vinay and Somesh and five persons between Kavish and Vinay. There are 19 persons behind Kavish and 3 persons ahead of Somesh. The minimum number of person in the queue could be? So what I usually did was since we were given with one fixed position of Somesh since he had 3 ahead of him so he would be on the top. Whereas for the minimum number of persons we need to create an overlapping case so Kavish would be in the middle of Vinay and Somesh. Is this the right approach?
Saurabh Verma,   September 18th 2020,  
National Housing Bank (NHB) Assistant Manager

Yes. Whenever we're finding minimum no. of person in a row, there would be overlapping case satisfying all the mentioned criteria. In this question minimum no. of person is 26.