Query Detail : RBI Grade B Phase II

Hello, I was going through the videos of Economics and Social Issues and found that the instructor was talking about some previous discussions about Economic Growth and Economic Development. I need to know the sequence in which these videos need to be viewed to get a good idea if one does not have idea about economics. Also I have "A textbook of Economic Theory by" by Stonier and Hague. Please let me me know what parts of the book I should focus on to get a good grasp of the subject and do well in the RBI Grade B exams. Thanks, Tushar
Tushar Mahli,   September 21st 2020,  
RBI Grade B Phase II

Hi, for Growth topic, the following sequence can be followed:


Economic Growth
Economic Development
Economic Growth vs. Development
Methods of estimating National Income
Measures of National Income
Importance and limitaions of National Income Accounting
Green GDP
GDP in PPP terms

With regard to the book, sorry I do not have the details of this book. you may kindly refer to the topics as per the RBI syllabus and read accordingly those topics from the book.