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PM Narendra Modi has recently hinted that the operation of AFSPA may come to an end in the whole of north-eastern region, if the efforts to normalise the situation work. An end to AFSPA will also bring immense relief to the citizens. Due to the improvement in the security situation, the ‘disturbed areas’ notified under AFSPA have reduced progressively in Assam, Manipur and Nagaland. Speaking at a ‘peace and development rally’ in Diphu, the PM cited “better administration” and “return of peace” as reasons for removal of AFSPA in these regions.

AFSPA was revoked in Tripura (2015) and in Meghalaya (2018). At some point of time, other states will also be excluded from its purview as this law created an atmosphere of impunity and led to the commission of atrocities. So, along with the reduction of ‘disturbed areas’ under the act, an effort also has to be made to procure justice for victims of past atrocities. On the political front, progress has been made in moving towards a political solution in the form of accords, ceasefire and creation of sub-regional administrative arrangement. However, irrespective of the security situation, the armed forces should not have been allowed such impunity under AFSPA.


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